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Black, gay and proud
9 mins read
Our Stories
Walgreens team member Chris Waiters talks about intersectionality, a lifelong pursuit of authenticity and how he found his community – and himself – along the way. By Brittany Kruk
Breaking down the disability stigma
4 mins read
Our Stories
Learn about challenges and opportunities for people with disabilities in the workplace with Rosa Salamone, chair of WBA’s DisAbility Alliance UK business resource group. By Caitlin Hodgson
Standing up against Asian hate
6 mins read
Our Stories
Team members speak out about experiencing Asian American and Pacific Islander discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic. By Tom Wall
WBA Magazine: The COVID-19 Issue
1 min read
Our Stories
As a global healthcare company operating during the pandemic, everyone at WBA has played a role in helping people across the world lead healthier and happier lives.
WBA Magazine: The Retail & Innovation Issue
1 min read
Our Stories
What does the word innovation mean to Walgreens Boots Alliance? That’s the question we used to inspire the first edition of our quarterly WBA Magazine, a curated collection of the best stories...
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