Pharmaceutical Wholesale

Our Pharmaceutical Wholesale division, which mainly operates under the Alliance Healthcare brand, supplies medicines, other healthcare products and related services to more than 115,000 pharmacies, doctors, health centers and hospitals each year from 306 distribution centers in 11 countries.

Walgreens Boots Alliance Pharmaceutical Wholesale

Our wholesale businesses seek to provide high core service levels to pharmacists in terms of frequency of delivery, product availability, delivery accuracy, timeliness and reliability at competitive prices. We also offer innovative added-value services which help pharmacists develop their own businesses. This includes membership of Alphega Pharmacy, our pan-European network for independent pharmacies.

In addition to the wholesale of medicines and other healthcare products, our businesses provide services to pharmaceutical manufacturers who are increasingly seeking to gain greater control over their product distribution, while at the same time outsourcing non-core activities. These services include pre-wholesale and contract logistics (mainly under the Alloga brand), direct deliveries to pharmacies, and innovative and specialized healthcare services, covering clinical homecare, medicine support, dispensing services, medicine preparation and clinical trial support (mainly under the Alcura brand).

Combined with local engagement, scale is very important in pharmaceutical wholesaling. In addition to being a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor in Europe, we rank as one of the top three in market share in many of the individual countries in which we operate.

Alloga Employee in a warehouse, smiling at the camera
Our Service Brands

Our Pharmaceutical Wholesale brands supply medicines, other healthcare products and related services.