Our response to COVID-19

As a global, pharmacy-led health care company, we are closely monitoring the pandemic of COVID-19, working in real time to ensure the safety and well-being of our colleagues, patients and customers around the world.

In alignment with national health services and clinical and safety offices, leaders at the highest levels of the company are meeting regularly to assess the situation as part of a cross-functional, global emergency response team. The actions we take include everything from continuously reviewing travel guidelines for employees to addressing human resources concerns around potential disruption scenarios, and making sure colleagues across our global business take appropriate steps in the best interest of their families and our customers.

Our retail pharmacies have worked to provide up-to-date information and public health guidelines to customers, both in store and online. Our clinical and safety offices are sharing the latest information from public health officials with our pharmacy team members, so that they are able to serve as a resource and help accurately address patient questions and concerns.

Within our pharma wholesale business, we continue to work with manufacturers and other partners in the supply chain to take the appropriate steps to meet the needs of our customers, like doctors, hospitals and pharmacies. We have multi-skilled Business Continuity Teams in place, managing steps to preserve the continuity of supply during a time of increased demand on health systems.

Lastly, our emergency response teams across the business are actively working to find ways for WBA and its wide network of health care and strategic partners to play a greater role in what has become a global emergency – including working with the United States federal government to expand access to COVID-19 testing.

While we will continue to do our best to help during this time and find ways to support our communities, the best source of expertise on risk and response to COVID-19 is the World Health Organization and national health authorities. We urge our customers to periodically check with their local officials and health authorities for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

For more information for our U.S. Walgreens customers, please visit https://news.walgreens.com/ and https://www.walgreens.com/topic/findcare/coronavirus.jsp

For more information for our UK Boots customers, please visit https://www.boots.com/coronavirus.

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