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Supporting survivors in their hour of need

Colleagues from Boots UK pack provisions – a small gesture of comfort – for those who have experienced sexual assault.

Boots Alliance volunteers making wash bags for assault survivors
Boots Alliance volunteers making wash bags for assault survivors

Survivors of sexual assault can feel scared, alone, numb, angry or a range of other emotions. And making the decision to come forward can be indescribably overwhelming.

In the UK, Sexual Assault Referral Centers provide specialist medical and forensic services for anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted. While time is of the essence and collecting evidence is essential, the Centers also provide the care and kindness everyone deserves during their hour of need. And sometimes, even the smallest comforts can have a lasting impact.

As part of a three-year initiative called the Wash Bags Project, Boots UK colleagues have prepared tens of thousands of wash bags that survivors can use following a forensic assessment at Sexual Assault Referral Centers across the UK. Each bag contains toiletries survivors can use while showering and getting dressed, offering some familiarity during what can be an extremely sensitive time.

Learn how the Wash Bags Project is helping survivors feel cared for in the video below.

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