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What drives Don

A posthumous gesture from a longtime customer proved to one Walgreens team member just how important it is to treat people with kindness.
Sarah Cason, Walgreens Stories
When do you plan on retiring? For Don Ditmer, it’s when he reaches age 80, or maybe not at all.

A 75-year-old retail service associate in Phoenix, Ditmer joined Walgreens to get out of the house following his retirement as a senior engineer for a semiconductor company. His original plan was to work for five years, but after creating close friendships with his team members and neighbors, he’s now 12 years into his tenure at Walgreens and going strong.

Unbeknownst to Ditmer, his openness made a strong impression on one customer with whom he’d chatted on a weekly basis over the past decade. Unfortunately, the extent of his impact didn’t become clear until the customer’s mother came to the store to seek out Ditmer with news about her son.

Watch the story of how Ditmer’s kindness influenced one customer’s life, and the contagious effect it can have on a community.

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