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'Ladders: Lifting As We Climb': Roz Brewer

To conclude our Black History Month series, CEO Roz Brewer talks with an area healthcare supervisor about our corporate values and what brings her joy.
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When you step into the role of chief executive officer, one could argue that you’re at the top of the ladder. When Roz Brewer became CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance on March 15, 2021, she was on a rung that has only been reached by three other Black women at Fortune 500 companies.

The path had been paved, but not tread by many. How did Brewer make it? By staying true to herself.

Brewer speaks with La Vonia Cannon, area healthcare supervisor at Walgreens, about the figures who inspired her, including Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, and Mellody Hobson, co-CEO of Ariel Investments. Knowing she is part of a small, but hopefully growing legion of female leaders, she acknowledges that representation is the only way other Black women can get ahead. Without solidarity and support in the boardroom, others run the risk of getting “boxed out,” but she has managed to succeed by standing firm in her beliefs—and by spreading joy.

One of Brewer’s accomplishments as CEO has been instilling new values for WBA team members: pledging to stay Courageous, Connected, Committed, and Curious. Similarly, she developed the company’s new mission statement, which is to help people live more joyful lives through better health. Altogether, she is steering the company to an exciting future where learning and opportunity are on equal footing with hard work and dedication.

Join Brewer and Cannon in reflecting on why Black history matters as others begin the climb and why staying joyful is a critical part of the journey.

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