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Shields clinical pharmacists are 'guardian angels' to patients

Learn about Shields Health Solutions and how their clinical pharmacists improve the lives of patients, behind the scenes.
Elyse Russo, Walgreens Stories
You might think of a clinical pharmacist like a “guardian angel.”

“We may not always be in direct contact with the patient, but we’re always behind the scenes, working with the providers to make sure that the medication is working properly for the patient,” says Ebony Jackson, a Shields Health Solutions clinical pharmacist who works in the specialty pharmacy at UMass Memorial Health.

Shields Health Solutions, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Walgreens Boots Alliance U.S. Healthcare business segment, partners with health systems, like UMass Memorial Health, to provide integrated care for specialty pharmacy patients, working with over 1,000 hospitals nationwide. The company’s integrated care model improves therapy management and care coordination for patients with multiple chronic conditions, while also providing care resources side-by-side with physicians.

“We want patients to know that they have a team of people behind the scenes that truly care about them. And I think that that really comes through,” Jackson says.

That care does come through for people like Michelle King. Her daughter Abby, 23, has tuberous sclerosis complex, which is a genetic disorder that causes noncancerous tumors to grow in many parts of the body. Depending on where those tumors grow can lead to other health issues, King says.

One of Abby’s medications prevents a tumor in her brain from growing, and King recalls a time when they were nearly out of it just as a snowstorm was about to hit. She said the specialty pharmacy at UMass Memorial Health had it ready in 20 minutes.

“When you have chronic conditions and take several medications, we can do the heavy lifting for you. You have enough things to worry about,” Jackson says. “You shouldn't have to worry whether or not this one interacts with that one [or] what time of day to take that. So, that's where we step in—we’re that extra layer of love and support to help you manage all these – sometimes very difficult – conditions.”

When pharmacists and care providers can work together, all under one roof, it makes all the difference for the patient.

Learn more about Michelle and Abby King’s story in the first episode of “Connected to Care,” a new video series by Walgreens. Through this series, we’ll show the connection between Walgreens and our portfolio of healthcare organizations, and how together we’re creating more joyful lives through better health. First up: Shields Health Solutions. Watch the full video:

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