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7 unexpected ways Walgreens is here for caregivers

In recognition of National Caregivers Day, learn how Walgreens can help you better care for your loved ones, from product recommendations to emotional support to convenient health and delivery services.

By Mike Huffman
Middle aged woman side-hugging an older woman
Middle aged woman side-hugging an older woman

There are an estimated 53 million family caregivers in the U.S. and growing, as the population ages and more people are getting care at home as compared to traditional long-term care facilities. Often called the “Sandwich Generation,” many middle-aged Americans are raising children while also caring for older parents or relatives.

“Caregiving like this can lead to a lot of stress, financially, time-wise and even emotionally, as you're going through these changes,” says Alex Johnson, category manager for health and wellness products. “At Walgreens, we want to help ease the stress of this experience.”

Enter the Caregiver Essentials Hub on, a central place caregivers can go for education, tips and products they need.

“Often caregiving is triggered by a specific event, like a fall, and suddenly you're responsible for caring for someone and aren’t sure where to turn. We’re here to be that resource,” says Johnson.

Johnson highlights seven ways Walgreens supports caregivers.

1. Manage prescriptions for care recipients with Family Prescriptions

By adding prescriptions for family members you're caring for to your account, you’ll be able to refill their prescriptions online, setup automatic refills, and view prescription history and vaccination records all in one place. As a bonus, you’ll also be able to use the 24/7 Pharmacy Chat for questions about any of those prescriptions. 

2. Get product recommendations that maximize safety and comfort

“A lot of times caregivers are buying totally new products that may be unfamiliar to them, or items they never thought they would have a need for,” says Johnson. "The Caregiver Essentials Hub groups products together with checklists by condition or caregiving needs, like bathroom safety or bedroom safety, to make sure you cover everything.” 

Bathroom with a variety of safety equipment featured

Bathroom safety products offered at Walgreens: 1) Toilet safety rail, 2) Raised toilet set, 3) Bathtub safety rail, 4) Grab bar, 5) Bath chair.

3. Walgreens brand caregiving products that provide trusted value

The expenses of taking care of family can add up. For cost-conscious caregivers, Walgreens brand products for home healthcare can be more affordable and are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

“Customers trust the Walgreens brand when it comes to healthcare products, and our teams make sure we're providing the best value and reliability to customers, from bath benches to nutritional supplements,” Johnson notes.

4. Emotional support resources for caregivers themselves

“Members of my family have been caregivers, and over time, I’ve seen that it does take a toll on them,” says Johnson. “It’s an emotional period for everyone involved.” 

Guidance and support articles on caring for yourself, as a caregiver, during the emotional journey of caregiving and health transitions are central to the Caregivers Essentials Hub, like these 5 self-care tips for caregivers

5. 1-hour Delivery for remote caregiving

“One thing that's unique for Walgreens is a caregiver can order a product and have it delivered to their care recipient's house within an hour—anything from over-the-counter medicine to food items or a treat like candy,” says Johnson. “It’s an excellent way for busy caregivers to ensure their family members have what they need, even if they can’t get it there immediately themselves.” Just click on ‘Same Day Delivery’ at checkout.

Older man on his front porch receiving a 1-hour delivery bag from a Walgreens team member


6. Hearing aids, no prescription needed

Add hearing aids to the list of items you can now pick up at your community Walgreens

“If you're caring for someone who has hearing loss, and they’re resistant to going to an audiologist, we now offer over-the-counter hearing aids both in-store and online to make them more accessible,” says Johnson. 

Over-the-counter hearing aids are available following the passage of the OTC Hearing Aid Act in 2022 and can cost significantly less than hearing aids through an audiologist. 

Hand holding a pair of hearing aids


7. Daily living and personal care items you didn’t know you needed

“One of the more fun products we have are electronic companion pets, which are great for customers who previously enjoyed having pets but may not be able to care for live pets anymore,” says Johnson. “They’re very lifelike and can offer both support and comfort.” 

Electronic tabby cat

Companion Pets Tabby Cat

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