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A hop forward for Botanics

WBA’s plant-based beauty brand now bears the coveted ‘Leaping Bunny’ symbol as evidence of its commitment to cruelty-free, sustainable products.

Botanics products and a bunny

Botanics, like all brands awarded Leaping Bunny approval (including fellow WBA skincare brand, Liz Earle), will undergo periodic independent audits carried out for Cruelty Free International – another way to ensure that when a company says it’s committed to no animal testing, it means it. For an increasing number of ethically and environmentally driven consumers, this matters.

“People want to be able to make ethical choices when they shop,” says Thew. “We believe very strongly that in order to say that something is produced ethically and responsibly, that should not involve using animals in the process.”

Cruelty Free International also has been working with the United Nations (UN) to get this issue embedded within the UN’s sustainable development goals. But according to Thew, it will be brands like Botanics that really help lead the charge to change hearts, minds and decisions.

Cumming agrees – and is hoping customers will spot the Leaping Bunny symbol on more WBA Global Brands products in due time.

“We’re proud of becoming part of a global movement, through our brands, to help bring an end to cosmetics testing on animals anywhere in the world,” says Cumming “It’s not something that any one company, any one government or campaign group can do on its own. It's a global goal that requires everyone, including consumers, to work together and demand change, which is a big part of what CSR and sustainability is all about.”

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