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Alliance Healthcare Netherlands joins the Green Deal

Alliance Healthcare Exeter Warehouse

This October, Alliance Healthcare Netherlands became the first pharmaceutical service provider in the industry to join the Green Deal – an important part of the government’s “Netherlands on the road to Sustainable Care” program.

First launched in 2015, the Green Deal aims to achieve circular business operations in the healthcare sector. Research has shown that at least seven percent of CO2 emissions are caused by healthcare; this includes medicine residues that end up in waste water, the effects of transporting medicines and patients, and even emissions from the strong detergents used in healthcare cleaning processes. 

More than 200 participants from the healthcare sector, including insurers and the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS), have signed onto the Green Deal. Alliance Healthcare made the decision to join them as part of their corporate social responsibility strategy, led by Frank Verheijen, head of CSR for the division.  As part of the sustainability program tied to the Green Deal, Alliance Healthcare has already implemented improvements in its fleet of vehicles, cooling systems, waste processing, energy supply and other actions aimed at reducing CO2 and waste. 

“Closing the Green Deal is the first step in making our company more sustainable,” says Verheijen. “We’re committed to keeping all stakeholders informed about all the improvements yet to come that aim to make our company a substantial contributor to a better living environment for all.” 

Hear from Kalman Petro, Managing Director, Alliance Healthcare Netherlands, about what it means to be a signatory of the Green Deal in the video below.   

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