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Boots UK has signed up to the BRC Climate Action Roadmap

Boots BRC roadmap
Boots BRC roadmap

Boots UK is pleased to announce it has committed, along with other retailers, to be completely carbon neutral by 2040, 10 years prior to the government’s legislation. This is Boots UK’s first public commitment on carbon and is a great demonstration that it is committed to sustainability and is acting against the worldwide climate emergency. 

Over the last 10 years, Boots UK has reduced its carbon footprint associated with gas and electricity consumption by 58%. This has been achieved by raising awareness, energy efficient lighting, building management systems and chiller doors. To work towards the pledge, the company will continue to implement these and are also working to develop trials and solutions in collaboration with the government, industry, and other retailers in addition to this. 

Seb James, Managing Director, Boots UK and ROI said: "Boots recognizes the crucial nature of collective action in the journey to net zero and we are supportive of the BRC Climate Roadmap. While we continue to reduce our own carbon emissions, we can achieve much more, much faster on an issue that matters to our customers and colleagues by working collaboratively with the government, other retailers and the supply chain.” 

Boots BRC roadmap


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