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Keeping clean shouldn't be a luxury, it's a basic human right

With more than 14 million people living in poverty in the UK, Boots UK and No7 Beauty Company’s Soap & Glory are stepping up their charity partnership with The Hygiene Bank.

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Keeping clean shouldn't be a luxury, it's a basic human right

As part of National Hygiene Week from July 5 to 11, Boots UK and Soap & Glory are raising awareness of their partnerships with hygiene poverty charity The Hygiene Bank, with a big push for donations of essential hygiene products for those most in need. 

Since the partnership began in 2020, Boots has donated more than 620,000 products and made donating to the cause even easier. It has increased the number of in-store donation points for essential toiletries to 400, and for every 1kg of products donated, Boots will donate four full-size hygiene products to The Hygiene Bank. For the first time, customers can also donate by purchasing one of The Hygiene Bank donation vouchers through

This year, Boots has also joined forces with Unilever. When a customer buys two products from a selected range of brands, Unilever will donate one to The Hygiene Bank.

Additionally, through Soap & Glory’s Better Bathtime Initiative, the No7 Beauty Company brand has donated more than 71,000 bath, body and beauty products since its partnership with The Hygiene Bank began in March 2020.

“The partnership between Boots and The Hygiene Bank is really a fantastic example of two organizations that have the same vision,” says Lucy Reynolds, director of communications, CSR and Archives, Boots UK. “It is unbelievable, but there are a large number of families throughout the UK who are living in hygiene poverty.”

In Nottingham, England, home to Boots’ headquarters, volunteer team members have also been packing care bags – packages of Boots donated items that can provide well-rounded support for all basic hygiene needs. So far, 1,000 care bags have been donated to The Hygiene Bank for distribution.

“We are still living through a pandemic, and it is more important than ever that people have the ability to keep themselves clean because that is also going to keep them safe and keep them healthy,” adds Reynolds.  
Here are just a few of the achievements Boots is highlighting from its partnership with The Hygiene Bank.

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