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Walgreens Transitional Work Group sets standard in disability hiring

The placement program for people with disabilities has hired more than 1,000 team members and the successful model has been shared with over 400 businesses.

By Sarah Cason
woman working in distribution center

Since the 2007 launch of the Transitional Work Group (TWG), a placement program developed by Walgreens for people with disabilities, over 1000 people have been hired across 12 distribution centers in the U.S. Since launch, data has shown that team members hired through the TWG have a turnover rate that's 40 percent less than those without disabilities. Taking note, Fortune 500 Companies have toured Walgreens facilities to learn more about the model and expand on diverse hiring at their own facilities.

Read the full story and see what's next for the TWG program in the Walgreens Newsroom.

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