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So easy, even a kid could do it

A store manager was having trouble convincing older relatives to try new Walgreens services, so the younger generation stepped up to help.
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In the immortal words of a certain rapper-turned-actor, sometimes parents just don’t understand.

No matter how many times Walgreens store manager Kristin Netkovick explained how to refill prescriptions via cell phone, or use the expanded drive-thru option during the COVID-19 pandemic, her mom and dad weren’t getting the picture.

“Obviously, my parents are loyal Walgreens shoppers, but I was having trouble convincing them to use the tools we provide to keep customers safe during social distancing,” says Netkovick. “And it got me thinking, how can we better educate people, especially our older customers, about ways to avoid physical contact while getting what they need from our stores? I’ve always said that the tools we offer are easy enough for an 8-year-old to figure out, and so I decided to put that to the test.”

Since Netkovick’s two young sons were home due to school closures, she gave them an assignment: make a commercial to help your grandparents (and others) understand how tools like prescription refill and expanded drive-thru options can help them stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.

The result? A video that exceeded even this proud mom’s expectations – and a great pick-me-up for her hardworking Walgreens team in West Hartford, Conn.

“We’re used to getting up close and personal with our customers, and we’re trying to provide that same level of service while maintaining social distancing as much as possible. It has been a big change, and there have been some hard days,” says Netkovick. “Seeing my kids create something like this was what I needed to reinvigorate me during a challenging time, and I hoped it would do the same for others. I think we could all use some extra smiles right now.”

Watch as two miniature experts explain some of the ways Walgreens can help during the time of social distancing:

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