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Fighting the fallout of COVID-19 one year in

See how Walgreens Boots Alliance is adapting to continue supporting at-risk patients during the pandemic and beyond.

By Rachel Heath and Euan Hammond
Pfizer vaccine

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer during a lockdown. Or developing a heart condition that has gone undiagnosed. One year in from the beginning of the pandemic, many patients are still struggling to see doctors, have had operations postponed or are avoiding hospitals because of the virus. It is an incredibly difficult situation – one that can leave people feeling isolated and alone.   

Walgreens Boots Alliance has been adapting throughout the pandemic to make sure healthcare services continue to be available to as many people as possible – from embarking on new virtual frontiers to making deeper commitments to local communities. Every part of the global business has stepped up to meet patients and customers where they need us to be, providing care and support during a difficult time.

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