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Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals receives Supply Chain Transformation Award

GPC receiving award

A trade award was recently accredited to Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd (GPC), WBA’s equity investment and China’s fifth largest pharmaceutical wholesaler, for its pioneering efforts in transforming supply chain using digital resources. The award-winning project was a “smart pharmaceutical supply chain management cloud platform,” co-developed by teams of GPC and a subsidiary of GPC.
The trade awards were jointly launched by China Harvard Business Review, Tsinghua University Global Industry Research Institute and SAP to reward companies who are leading and embracing the newest digital trends, to drive business growth and share successful cases. 

The recognized “smart pharmaceutical supply chain management cloud platform” better connects both the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, thus integrating commercial, logistics, finance and information registry functions. By creating a wide-coverage, information-based ecosystem, the platform improves efficiency and provides greater transparency, facilitating collaboration and smart resource allocation.

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