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Making a list: Walgreens hottest items at holiday crunch time

Wondering what the top-selling items are at Walgreens on the holidays? Then we have just the poem for you.
Josh Gaby and Suzanne Barston, Walgreens Stories
Our holiday shoppers like Walgreens a lot,
So we looked at some numbers to see what they bought.
There’s last-minute gifting when stockings are lacking
And gift cards and gift bags and nummies for snacking.
Batteries, juices (both red ones and whites)
Postage and drinks with electrolytes.
When time’s of the essence, to Walgreens they go.
Check out these top sellers we’ve listed below.
The week before Christmas, while chestnuts are roasting
Our top seller is stamps, for the gifts you’ll be posting.
Number two is gift tags, and three socks from West Loop,
Four and five, tape and tissue paper, wrap it all in one swoop.
Don’t forget the pistachios! They’re at number six.
And last, candy and cookies for your “hangry” fix.
On Christmas Eve, while the snowflakes are falling,
Last-minute gifts are the reason you come calling.
Gift packs and gift wrap and gift cards aplenty
A tree made of Reese’s, so good you’ll want 20.
Stuff your treats in stockings that do double duty
Some warm, cozy slippers are the best kind of booty!
The day has arrived, the presents are open
And so is your Walgreens, to help you with copin’
Today's top sellers are soda, more socks...
Gallons of milk and cookies, because well, Santa rocks.
Batteries sell well, that doesn’t surprise,
But toilet paper? Bacon? Try that on for size.
Let’s not forget New Year’s, the eve of all eves,
The stuff selling like hotcakes are all that relieves.
Pedia-Sure, Ensure, you’re sure to be nourished
While those of all ages clink glasses with flourish.
Once again, bath tissue seems all the rage,
‘Cause after all those drinks clinking … are we on the same page?
Necklaces, noisemakers, party stuff is a smash.
No matter how you celebrate, we’re here to help with your bash.
Now is the time we get back to the shelves,
To stock up and get ready
And celebrate our own elves.
From all of us at Walgreens, to all you and yours
Happy holidays – we look forward to seeing you in our stores.

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