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Meet the dogs of WBA

You didn’t think we’d fur-get our favorite four-legged friends on International Dog Day, did you? From puppies to old dogs, from little ones to big ones, WBA colleagues give us a peek at their pooches and share what makes them special.

By Brittany Kruk and Tom Wall

Ozzy, WBA dog looking at the camera

This year has been challenging for many people … but it’s been a great time to be a dog.

As the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe and sent many office dwellers home, pups everywhere sat by the door with wagging tails to welcome back their humans. Days turned to weeks and weeks to months, and our pets became so much more than pets.

They became our co-workers.

Today, Wednesday, Aug. 26, is International Dog Day, and it's a perfect time to meet some of the dogs who have become honorary WBA colleagues during COVID-19. There’s one named after a U.S. president and another named after a Harry Potter character. Then there’s the dog who knows sign language, the one who can spell and the one who likes to play Monopoly. Many have shown a preference for treats and toys from Pet Shoppe, Walgreens owned brand of pet products. And, of course, there are some very special ones who’ve provided emotional support to people with cancer or other illnesses, and others who can simply tell when their owner has had a bad day.

What do they all have in common? An unbreakable bond with the families who love them.

Last but not least, we had to throw a bone to one of the most unique submissions: honorary “sheepdog” Beatrice.

Sheep Beatrice eating grass

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