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'The Vaccine, In Our Words': Kansas' Dr. Jen Brull

A doctor born and raised in the heart of the Midwest uses her empathetic bedside manner to help bring her vaccine-hesitant patients around to the idea of getting their shot.
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You don’t come from the heartland without having a big heart. Just ask Dr. Jen Brull.
Having practiced medicine in Plainville, Kansas, for more than 19 years, Dr. Brull understands her patients – not just because they’re members of her community, but because she empathizes deeply with each one of them. So when it comes to lending advice to those who may be hesitant about getting the COVID-19 vaccine, there isn’t a more trusted voice to deliver that message.
“I absolutely empathize with and understand people who have hesitation around being vaccinated,” Dr. Brull says. “And I always want them to hear me, as their doctor, say that I think the vaccine is safe, I think it’s effective and I think it’s right for you.”
In the latest episode of “The Vaccine, In Our Words,” make the rounds with Dr. Brull as she checks in on patients who have gotten their vaccine, and those who still have not, having open and honest conversations with both. This episode is one of a series of seven short documentary films sponsored by Walgreens featuring stories of people and communities, like the residents of Plainville, who are struggling with COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. The films, which premiered on YouTube, were made by filmmakers David McLain and John Fox of Slipstream, in collaboration with Walgreens’ marketing team.
“One of our primary goals in creating this documentary series was to capture some of the ways trusted voices like Dr. Brull are working to get hesitant people vaccinated,” says McLain. “We can learn so much from people like her – not just about overcoming vaccine hesitancy, but about how all of us can more effectively communicate with people we might disagree with.”
Watch as Dr. Brull tries to help each of her patients make the important decision to be immunized:

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