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Vish Sankaran speaks at Reuters MOMENTUM Virtual Summit

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This week, Vish Sankaran, Senior Vice President and Global Chief Innovation Officer, WBA, spoke at the Reuters MOMENTUM Virtual Summit. The Summit brought leading tech innovators and pioneers together to showcase insights and perspectives on how to address the fundamental questions and challenges of how technology can positively shape our future. 

In his session, Sankaran presented on “creating a consumer-centric, technology-enabled healthcare ecosystem,” where he discussed a 3-horizon model that is transforming Walgreens Boots Alliance into a consumer-centric healthcare company.

During the panel, he stated: “Healthcare today experiences high costs, limited access, and variable quality and experience, stemming from poor user design, lack of insights, and poor data access. Additionally, consumer demands and expectations of their healthcare experience are changing, the industry is shifting from volume to value, and technology is rapidly advancing.”

As such, Sankaran stressed Walgreens Boots Alliance is transforming to solve the problems that consumers and our partners care about, such as making affordable choices with no surprises and finding solutions that treat patients as a person, not just a condition. During his remarks, he quoted Stefano Pessina, Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, WBA, who recently said: “We are committed to creating integrated, next-generation, digitally enabled health care delivery solutions for our customers, transforming our physical and digital surfaces into modern neighborhood health destinations and expanding customer offerings.”

Prior to joining WBA, Sankaran spent more than seven years with the U.S. government in the Department of Health and Human Services and the White House’s Office of Management and Budget. Learn more about him in his recent “Business Casual” feature.

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