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WBA Magazine: The Retail & Innovation Issue

What does the word innovation mean to Walgreens Boots Alliance? That’s the question we used to inspire the first edition of our quarterly WBA Magazine, a curated collection of the best stories happening across our global business.

Cobots at work
Cobots at work

In WBA Magazine: The Retail & Innovation Issue, we’ll get up close and personal(ized) with Walgreens new customer loyalty program; meet the collaborative robots who helped power up Black Friday; find out how the sausage gets made (quite literally) for Boots Meal Deals; take a peek into the crystal ball of our Global Trends team; tour the new Alphega concept stores; and meet the team working day and night to get America vaccinated against COVID-19.

Explore the stories below to see why innovation isn’t just a word, but a driving force in every corner of our company, in the first issue of WBA Magazine.

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