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Primary care gets personal
5 mins read
Village Medical’s Chief Physician Executive Dr. David Hatfield reflects on his 23-year career as a primary care physician and how VillageMD is transforming healthcare in America.
Going to school in good health
6 mins read
Keeping your kids healthy is always a priority. But how do you do that when they're in school? A Walgreens pharmacist and mom shares three tips.
Stay cool, stay safe
5 mins read
As extreme heat strikes much of the U.S., it puts millions at risk of heat-related health issues. A Walgreens pharmacist shares three simple insights on how to stay cool and safe.
A disability not everyone can see
5 mins read
During Disability Pride Month, Alana Schreiber describes how she manages living with multiple chronic conditions and why she shares her health journey on social media.
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