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Palm oil, straight from the source(s)
6 mins read
Our Stories
WBA’s global sustainability experts explain why the company joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, what work we’ve done so far and where we’re headed.
Gifting sustainably
4 mins read
Our Stories
For the 2020 holiday season, Global Brands delivered a gifting range inspired by WBA's ambitious sustainability goals By Rachel Heath
Recycled, reworked, rewarded
2 mins read
Our Stories
Discover how Boots UK and No7’s first-to-market recycling initiative is tackling hard-to-recycle health, beauty and wellness products. By Hannah Robinson
Protecting the people behind the products
7 mins read
Our Stories
Retail brands owned by WBA are made in hundreds of different factories around the world. Meet the trio of watchdogs endlessly keeping tabs on these sites to look out for the workers. By Josh Gaby
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