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John Boot opens first Boots store, selling herbal remedies, in Goose Gate, Nottingham, UK
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Maison Thomas pharmaceutical distributor is founded in Agen, France
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The Boots business begins to develop under Jesse Boot, John Boot's son
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Interpharm pharmaceutical distributor created in The Netherlands
1901 thumbnail


Charles R. Walgreen Sr. purchases the drugstore where he had worked as a pharmacist in Chicago, U.S.
1909 thumbnail


Walgreen Co. is formed and the drugstore chain expansion begins with the opening of its second store
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Edgar Moss opens his first Moss Chemists store in Middlesex, UK
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S.A.F.A pharmaceutical distributor is created in Spain
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Walgreens invents the malted milkshake
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Walgreens stock becomes publicly traded

Boots acquires Beeston site in Nottingham

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Boots opens its 1,000th store in the UK
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Walgreens stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange
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Boots launches No7 cosmetics
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UniChem group is formed in the UK to wholesale pharmaceutical products to independent pharmacies
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Boots launches Soltan suncare range
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Walgreens begins the transition to self-service stores

Moss Chemists prescription service delivery vans begin operating
1951 thumbnail


The first self-service Boots stores are trialed in London, UK
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Walgreens enters the Puerto Rico market
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Walgreens becomes the first major drugstore chain in the U.S. to put its prescriptions into child-resistant containers
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Boots launches ibuprofen (Brufen) in the UK
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Walgreens reaches $1 billion in sales
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Pharmaceutical wholesaler Alleanza Farmaceutica is founded by Stefano Pessina in Italy
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The first Intercom pharmacy computers are installed in Walgreens pharmacies in Iowa
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Pharmaceutical wholesaler Di Pharma is founded by Ornella Barra in Italy
1984 thumbnail


Walgreens opens its 1,000th store
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Walgreens opens its first drugstore with a drive-thru pharmacy

UniChem purchases Moss Chemists in the UK

Alliance Santé group is formed from the merger between Alleanza Salute Italia and French pharmaceutical wholesalers ERPI and IFP
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Alliance UniChem is formed from the merger of UniChem and Alliance Santé
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Alliance UniChem acquires S.A.F.A. in Spain

Boots becomes the largest retail pharmacy chain in Ireland
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Walgreens.com launches its online pharmacy
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Walgreens opens its 3,000th store in Chicago

Alliance UniChem commences acquisition of Alliance Apotekene pharmacies in Norway and acquires 25% stake in Turkish pharmaceutical wholesaler, Hedef

Alliance UniChem acquires Interpharm pharmaceutical wholesaler and De Vier Vijzels pharmacy chain in The Netherlands
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Walgreens becomes the first drugstore chain to offer prescription labels in multiple languages chainwide

Alliance UniChem increases its stake in Hedef Alliance to 50%
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Alliance UniChem acquires 29.99% of German pharmaceutical wholesaler ANZAG
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Alliance UniChem merges with Boots Group to form Alliance Boots

Walgreens acquires Happy Harry's drugstore chain

Walgreens begins offering in-store health clinics
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Alliance Boots wholesale businesses begin to be rebranded to Alliance Healthcare

Alliance Boots is privatized

Walgreens opens its first store in Hawaii and its 6,000th store, located in Louisiana

Walgreens acquires Take Care Health Systems and Option Care

Over 1,000 Alliance Pharmacy stores in the UK begin to be rebranded to 'Your local Boots pharmacy'
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Alliance Boots forms a 50:50 joint venture with Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals Corporation, a major pharmaceutical wholesaler in China

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Merger of Boots Opticians and Dollond & Aitchison to form the second largest optical chain in the UK
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Alliance Boots becomes the majority shareholder in Hedef Alliance

Alliance Boots becomes the majority shareholder in ANZAG

Walgreens completes its acquisition of the New York-based Duane Reade drugstore chain

Walgreens opens its first Well Experience format stores
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Duane Reade opens 24-hour flagship store in New York at 40 Wall Street

Walgreens acquires drugstore.com and Beauty.com
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Walgreens and Alliance Boots form a strategic partnership to create the first global pharmacy-led, health and wellbeing enterprise

Walgreens opens its 8,000th store in Los Angeles and acquires USA Drug, a pharmacy chain in the mid-South U.S.

Walgreens and Alliance Boots form Walgreens Boots Alliance Development joint venture in Bern, Switzerland
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Walgreens and Alliance Boots announce a strategic, long-term relationship with AmerisourceBergen to collaborate on global supply chain opportunities
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Walgreens Boots Alliance is formed through the full combination of Walgreens and Alliance Boots

Alliance Boots completes the acquisition of a 12% stake in Nanjing Pharmaceutical Company Limited, a major Chinese pharmaceutical wholesaler

Walgreens exercises option to complete second step of its strategic partnership with Alliance Boots

Alliance Boots completes acquisition of Farmacias Benavides in Mexico and Farmacias Ahumada in Chile
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Walgreens enters into 20-year fulfillment agreement with Valeant Pharmaceuticals that includes reduced pricing on Valeant products
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Hedef Alliance rebrands to Alliance Healthcare Turkey
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Walgreens Boots Alliance enters into long-term global supply chain agreement with Fareva

Walgreens Boots Alliance receives regulatory clearance to purchase 1,932 Rite Aid drugstores in the U.S.
2018 thumbnail


Walgreens Boots Alliance joins the Dow Jones Industrial Average as one of its 30 components.
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In July, the company announces that following receipt of regulatory approvals, it has completed an agreement to acquire a 40 percent minority stake in GuoDa, a leading retail pharmacy chain in China.

In September, WBA and Alibaba launches a Boots flagship store on Tmall Global, Alibaba’s B2C platform for international brands and retailers, introducing iconic Boots beauty brands to more than half a billion consumers on Alibaba’s platforms in China.