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Meet Keisha Lewis, associate creative director for Walgreens

In celebration of Black History Month, get to know Keisha Lewis, the engagement lead for the African American Leadership business resource group at Walgreens.

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As a kid, I never thought I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Like most kids, I loved to doodle. My favorite thing to doodle was the Goofy dog from Mickey Mouse. Someone showed me how to draw him. It’s just a series of circles you put together. I would doodle him doing things like walking, sitting down and riding on a skateboard.

My dad was an artist as a kid, but his passion for art wasn’t encouraged by his parents. He said they didn’t see a value in it. So when my dad took notice of my doodling, he told my mom, “We’ve got to keep this going.” So I took many art classes throughout my childhood.

Fast forward to today, and I’m the associate creative director at Walgreens and have been in the role for four years.

I started my career by doing in-store marketing work like store signage, display signage, social media and packaging design. Now at Walgreens, I do brand campaign creative like in-store seasonal campaigns for holidays like Mother’s Day and Summer.

In my role at Walgreens, as a manager I am focused on my craft, mastering my hard skills, while leading a team of creators and cultivating my soft skills. My No. 1 goal is to ensure my team feels empowered to be as creative as they want while also staying motivated.

Keisha and BRG members
Keisha alongside a few African American Leadership (AAL) business resource group (BRG) members.


Staying connected to my culture by being involved

It was a dream to work on the Walgreens Shelf Life series, a video series that highlights minority business owners whose products we sell at Walgreens. My peers and I won a Shorty Impact Award under Retail & E-Commerce. It was fulfilling and inspiring to share the stories.

To stay connected to my culture, I am a member of the Walgreens African American Leadership (AAL) business resource group (BRG). I really wanted to get involved, particularly when George Floyd was killed. Membership increased significantly during that time. I serve as AAL’s team member engagement lead, helping to produce activities that keep my peers and me connected. I enjoy creating safe spaces for my BRG family to be our authentic, true selves. Whether it is a coffee chat with a like-minded BRG member or helping host gatherings for much needed relief, I always love connecting with my AAL members.

I’m also very involved in my religion as a Jehovah’s witness. From construction projects after hurricanes, delivering groceries or taking someone to a doctor’s appointment. I volunteer up to 30 hours a month to help others.

Keisha in Egypt
Keisha in Egypt.


Inspired by work and travel

I’m attracted to and inspired by the work ethic of others, not necessarily the look or feel of their work. I’m a huge fan of those who start out on YouTube and then go on to build empires. I love seeing others be great at one thing and then challenge themselves in different ways.

I am an artist who has been challenging myself to travel and visit as many countries as possible. So far, I have been to 41 countries and am hoping to get to 43 this year. Thailand and Vietnam are at the top my list of potential next destinations. And when I’m not working or traveling, I am always looking for a new play, concert or restaurant to enjoy. What can I say I am a lover of the arts!

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