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Meet Amanda Miranda, employee relations senior director at Walgreens

Learn why she’s a passionate advocate for the Latino community and what National Hispanic Heritage Month means to her.

By Sarah Cason
Amanda Miranda Hero Image
Amanda Miranda Hero Image

Saludos! My name is Amanda Miranda, and I'm the employee relations senior director in human resources at Walgreens, based in Deerfield, Illinois. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and came to the U.S. when I was 19 years old to attend University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Go, Rebels!

When I got the call to interview with the Walgreens team nine years ago, I was so excited for this opportunity. I started as an employee relations specialist and have worked in several roles over the years. Prior to working here, I always wanted a career where I could feel like I was making a difference. Walgreens has provided me with that, and I'm grateful to continuously grow here every day.

As a people person, I absolutely love my job. My role includes helping our employees understand and live out the Walgreens culture. The best part is when I see our people vision and HR policies come to lifewhen the culture mirrors the environment we set out to create.

Walgreens provides so many opportunities for career growth and promotion, but the first challenge is not being afraid to put yourself out there and apply for a role. Change can be scary, especially when moving into a big organization, but growth is in the discomfort of trying something new. So go ahead and apply, it may just be your greatest career moveit was for me.


A typical day on the job

My role at Walgreens is hybrid, so I'm able to work both from the office and from home.

My morning begins between 6 and 6:30 a.m., depending on if I'm heading to the office or working from home that day. I'm a "Swiftie," so I love to play Taylor Swift music while I put on all my morning lotions and potions. I love me some No.7 Beauty Company products!

I usually start my workday between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., where I send about four to five hours a day connecting in meetings with my fellow team members. The rest of the day is completing whatever tasks are assigned to me in those meetings.

My workday can include partnering with other departments to offer employee relations guidance on complex matters and conducting workplace investigations. You can also find me providing an employee relations perspective on company initiatives and reviewing policies for updates.

My team ensures HR policies give team members a voice in the organization and support positive relations between team members and supervisors. These rules and laws protect employees' rights and hold parties accountable to create a positive work environment. 

Collaboration is so important, and I have the most amazing team. We allow each other to be ourselves while still supporting one another in the emotionally taxing work we do. They keep me grounded and humble, and I would have never applied for a promotion if it wasn't for their constant support and encouragement. The employee relations team has seen my personal and professional growth throughout the years, and my goal is to make them proud. Being part of the employee relations team is the biggest honor of my career.

Blue the dogIn the evening I do all the parental duties for my two kids, ages 15 and 17, and my Pitbull named Blue, ensuring they are all fed and my kids' schoolwork is done. Blue was in the shelter for almost a year and has signs of abuse. Taking a chance on him was the best decision my family has made. He is the baby of the house.

Then I unwind by watching TV or spending time on TikTok. I don't create TikTok content, but I like to know what's trending. Since I'm a fan of movies with a strong female lead, I loved seeing the "Barbie" movie this summer!

Before bed, I do my nightly beauty self-care routine. It feels so good to end the day listening to some good music while exfoliating and putting on my facial retinol, serums and moisturizer.


Miranda's Children Mariyah and Junior

Miranda's children, Mariyah (left) and Junior.

My passion for furthering Latino representation

As a queer Latina, I became involved with the Walgreens Latino Professionals and Pride Alliance business resource groups (BRGs). I'm currently serving as the vice chair of Walgreens Latino professionals.

I joined the board of Latino Professionals because I feel that the Latino community is an underrepresented workforce in corporate America. Latinos have a reputation for being hard workers and make up about 18% of the U.S. workforce, yet only about 4% reach senior executive roles. Latinos are more than just entry-level workers and can provide more than just translation services. We are excellent leaders and deserve a seat at the table. This BRG gives the perfect platform to support these efforts.

It also ha been life-changing to have a support group within Walgreens that understands my challenges as a Latina in the workplace, including imposter syndrome, communication barriers when English is not your first language and cultural challenges at work. Yet it's easy to feel like I'm not good enough when I don't have any predecessors who look or act like me. I don't fit the traditional corporate mold and that is OK. This BRG, along with my team and leadership, empowers me to be myself and thrive because I am Latina, not in spite of it.

ALPFA team members

Miranda (right) with team members Yaya Torres and Esteban Paredes-Garcilazo at the August 2023 ALPFA convention.

I'm also an active member of the partnership between Walgreens and Association for Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA), a nationwide professional organization focused on empowering and developing Latinos across all sectors of the U.S. economy. This relationship allows Walgreens to further strengthen our inclusion model by providing equitable career opportunities and fostering a sense of community for an underrepresented population. I really want to encourage the next group of Latino leaders in the organization. ALPFA helps me advance my career and allows me to be there for a new generation of leaders.

Miranda and her Daughter

Miranda and her daughter at the Paramore concert.

There is nothing more inspiring than to have fellow Latinas reach out because they are excited to see someone like them in leadership. If one person can see this and say, "Amanda reminds me of my cousin and if she can do it, I can absolutely do it as well," then I have been successful.

¡Felicidades en el nacional de la herencia Hispana! (Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month!)

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