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WBA celebrates World Pharmacists Day
1 min read
Our Stories
At the end of September, we take a moment to recognize the heart of our business – our pharmacy teams working in communities across the world.
Putting COVID-19 to the test
3 mins read
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Access to convenient COVID-19 testing is essential in the roadmap to recovery from the pandemic. Learn how Boots UK and Walgreens have expanded their COVID-19 testing services.
Don’t hesitate
7 mins read
Our Stories
Two pharmacy leaders discuss the drivers behind vaccine hesitancy among the Black community, and the ways Walgreens is combatting it.
A tale of two pharmacists
2 mins read
Our Stories
Pharmacists Bhavika Mistry and Kate Latta each got their shot at administering the first COVID-19 vaccines for Boots UK and Walgreens. By Tom Wall
Providing a lifeline during lockdown
4 mins read
Our Stories
With an increase in domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic, WBA’s pharmacy teams in the UK and Chile are stepping forward to support victims through self-isolation. By Caitlin Hodgson and...
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