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5 ways seniors can get more from Walgreens

From discounts to digital benefits, Walgreens is here to help older Americans maximize their budget and their quality of life.

By Mike Huffman
seniors day

Seniors represent the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population right now, with 70 million people—that's 1-in-5 Americans—projected to be 65 and older by the year 2030.  

For many, that means retirement, leisure hobbies and vacations. But aging is not all pickleball and grandkid photos. Managing health conditions, combatting social isolation and adjusting to new financial situations are just some of the considerations for this cohort. 

Here are five ways seniors can turn to Walgreens for support in this phase of their lives. 

1. Save more every month with the Seniors Day discount  

The first Tuesday of each month, shoppers 55 and older can get 20% off eligible regular-priced merchandise—just let the cashier know you’re here for Seniors Day. You can also get the discount on with code SENIOR20 at checkout the week aligned with Seniors Day.  

“To cater to our senior shoppers on these days, we’ll have displays of products for their needs up front, targeting common health issues like hypertension and diabetes,” says Paul Rodriguez, store manager in Sun City, Arizona. “Pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors, nutritional shakes and heating pads do really well.” 

Seniors in Southwest Florida will have even more chances to take advantage of Seniors Day during an upcoming pilot in the area between April 9 and June 25. At those select stores, a 10% discount on all eligible merchandise will be available in stores and online every Tuesday. Details coming soon to participating Southwest Florida stores. 

“We're continuously looking for ways to better connect with our senior customers and patients,” says Megan Matula, senior manager, customer lifecycle marketing. “This pilot aims to deliver on what our senior audience has been asking for: better value and more frequent savings opportunities.”

2. Get the most out of your benefits with new Medicare Advantage over-the-counter digital options 

senior and woman

Walgreens is the first community pharmacy to accept a broad array of Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits for over-the-counter (OTC) items online, through and the Walgreens app.  

This also allows for convenient digital options from Walgreens like free 1-hour Delivery with $35 purchase and pickup in as little as 30 minutes for the more than 20 million Medicare customers eligible for this supplemental OTC benefit. Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits are still available to use in store and have been since 2019. 

“Health plan adoption of the supplemental OTC benefit program has grown exponentially over the last five years,” says Diane Murdock, senior director and account lead for managed markets. “As Medicare members become more technologically sophisticated, they expect their plan to offer choice outside of the in-store experience so they can use their benefits however they want.” 

Approximately 1,700 benefit-eligible OTC products are available on and the Walgreens app. Members will see items associated with their plans while browsing and can take advantage by inputting their Medicare Advantage card numbers as their first form of payment when checking out.  

TIP: Combine with digital code SENIOR20 on the week aligning with Seniors Day for more savings. 

3. Stay healthy and connected through a better relationship with your pharmacist 

“At Walgreens, you’re more than just your prescription,” says Rebecca Persaud, specialty pharmacy manager in The Villages, Florida, a 55-and-up community that spans 57 square miles. “On top of educating about medications and encouraging adherence, we love getting to know your stories and seeing how your life is going when you come in for that annual flu vaccine.” 

Engaging with your pharmacist can help you find ways to support your health that you might not be aware of. It could be as simple as opening a tricky inhaler package for you if you have arthritis, demonstrating how to self-administer injections or helping you sign up for financial assistance grants you’re eligible for.  

Your Walgreens can also be a part of your social network.  

“I have a lot of regulars who call me, they show up all the time and even bring us treats,” says Rodriguez. “I credit my team for that, they’re the ones making sure to really prioritize customer service and spend time with each person, treating them with care and patience.”  

It doesn’t just happen in the stores. Both Persaud and Rodriguez credit community events like medication safety speaking opportunities; flu, Covid and RSV immunization drives; and even walks like the Walk to End Alzheimer’s as places where relationships can grow.  

Rebecca Persaud and her children at the Walk to End Alzheimer’s in The Villages, Florida. Their purple flowers represent two family members with Alzheimer’s, Persaud’s grandmother and aunt, that they walked in memory of. 


4. Choosing the right Medicare coverage for your life 

Enrolling in Medicare, the federal health insurance program for people aged 65 or older, can be complex. Walgreens is here to help make it easy and ensure patients can keep getting their prescriptions at the pharmacy they trust. 

“Seniors are faced with a lot of questions, like which plan am I eligible for? Which one covers my medications? Which one is my doctor covered in?” says Marie Esposito, director, Medicare operations. “That’s why we equip our team members with resources to provide to a patient or customer that will make it simpler for them to pick a plan that best meets their needs.”  

These include the Walgreens Find Rx Coverage tool that includes over-the-phone and in-person options for assistance, plus digital resources and instructional videos like these:

Open enrollment for Medicare occurs in the fall each year, but for patients turning 65, there’s a seven-month window for their initial enrollment in Medicare. This is often the first time seniors are weighing their Medicare options.  

“We reach out to customers at this point to ensure that as someone crosses that threshold, they're equipped with the knowledge to make the best decision for their care,” says Madeleine Stroth, marketing manager. “Our omnichannel slate of resources lets them choose their own path based on comfort and where they are in their research.”  

TIP: For those choosing a Medicare Advantage plan with supplemental benefits, cross-reference your benefits with our dedicated OTC landing page.    

5. Savings for all 

You don’t need to be a senior (yet!) to take advantage of these additional ways to save more at Walgreens: 

Join myWalgreens 

It’s fast, easy and free to join the myWalgreens loyalty program and start earning Walgreens Cash rewards storewide, even at the pharmacy. You’ll earn 1% Walgreens Cash rewards on regular purchases and 5% Walgreens cash rewards on Walgreens branded products. Plus, you’ll automatically unlock all sale prices and get personalized deals and product recommendations.  

Use the Walgreens Rx Savings Finder Tool  

This simple-to-use digital tool is designed to help you save money on prescription medications. Its consolidated search finds free, third-party discount cards for your prescription, reducing the cost you pay when you check out. The discount cards can be accessed by text, email or printed to show your pharmacy team. It’s available to all Walgreens customers for free, with no monthly subscription or yearly membership.  

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