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4 reasons to make Walgreens your Halloween destination

With a large selection of treats and scary décor for your home, Walgreens is the grab-and-go home for ghosts and goblins.
Steve Rausch, Walgreens Stories
Tricks, treats and decorations are all important elements to make your Halloween festive and frightening. You can be sure to have them all—for under $30—by making Walgreens your Halloween destination. Here are four reasons why Walgreens is the place to shop for all things sweet and spooky.

1. Exclusive “Stranger Things” collection

Transport yourself to the Upside Down, with the Walgreens exclusive Stranger Things collection. Show off your Stranger Things fandom with mini plush characters like Eleven, Lucas, Mike and even a Demogorgon, creepy scenes pulled right from the series, including a water globe and décor, and home goods like mugs and tumblers, a blanket and string lights.

2. Spooky décor

Halloween isn’t just about dressing up in costumes and stockpiling candy, it begins by setting a proper spooky vibe. Walgreens offers several ways to get you and your home into the (haunted) spirit of the season.

And through Oct. 28, when you buy one Halloween accessory, you’ll get 50% off a second accessory.

3. Unbeatable candy selection

As one of the nation’s leading candy retailers, Walgreens is your on-the-corner candy destination for Halloween. Walk down the aisle and see every brand that’s in-demand, with a variety of sizes, types and flavors that will satisfy even the hungriest zombie.

Chocolate is by far America’s favorite Halloween candy, but not everyone can eat it. Some candy may contain nuts, dairy and gluten, which for those with allergies can make selecting the right treats a challenge. This year, in addition to hundreds of types of chocolate candy, Walgreens also offers more than 15 peanut and tree nut allergy-friendly options*, including annual favorite Dum DumsTootsie PopsSmartiesSkittles & Starbursts combo bagsDots (featuring a new “Ghost” mystery flavor edition), Swedish FishStarburst Pops and Sour Patch Kids.
*List only to be used as a guide, always make sure to check the food label ingredient list

4. Get what you need, fast and easy

Even if it seems that you don’t buy your Halloween candy or décor until you see little monsters and witches walking up the street, you can always trust Walgreens to be your fast and easy option for any last-minute needs. With aisles for candy and dedicated Halloween merchandise located at the front of the store, you can get in and out quickly. If you can’t get to the store, you can still get everything you need by shopping on or the Walgreens app and have your order delivered through 1-Hour Delivery, or you can have everything ready for pickup at the store within 30 minutes. And if you spend $10 or more on Halloween candy between Oct. 27-31, you can get free same-day delivery.

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