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Alphega Pharmacy launches ‘Taking Care of Your Heart’ campaign


Alphega Pharmacy has announced the launch of their six-month, pan-European campaign called "Taking Care of your Heart,” which aims to educate and raise awareness about the impact that modern lifestyles may have on heart health. 

During the pandemic, patients have seen longer wait times or appointments cancelled, and some have opted not to visit their healthcare providers for fear of contracting COVID-19 or thinking their health worry wasn’t important enough. This disruption has potentially increased the chances of cardiovascular diseases going undiagnosed, threatening health and people’s well-being. 

The cardiovascular campaign highlights the main causes and lifestyle behaviors that can influence a person’s heart health. With Alphega ideally placed at the heart of communities across Europe, the campaign aims to make it even easier for people to gain expert healthcare advice and support from their local Alphega pharmacist. Whether a patient would like to receive advice online or see a pharmacist in person, they will be given the care and support they need to help combat the increasing risks of heart disease and its symptoms. 

“Encouraging our customers to be in the best of health has never been more important,” says Giulio Burzacca, managing director, Alphega Pharmacy. “The pandemic has shown how vulnerable we all can be and why it’s important that everyone looks after their well-being, including making positive changes that will keep them in the best health possible.”

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