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Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy

MLK panel
MLK panel

On Monday January 18, WBA colleagues across the globe came together to celebrate the life and work of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. 

Hosted by WBA’s office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Walgreens’ African American Leadership BRG, a virtual event, "Uplifting the conscience of a nation and the world then and now," kicked off WBA’s inaugural Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of reflection and celebration. 

The event commenced with a rendition of the Black National Anthem by Michael “Baritone” Harper. Following this, Carlos Cubia, Chief Diversity Officer, WBA, introduced Alex Gourlay, Co-COO, WBA; Darion Cranfield, Chair of African-American Leadership BRG; April Wafford, Vice Chair of African-American Leadership BRG; and Sophia Nelson, Esq., award-winning author and freelance journalist. Together, they emphasized that the messages Dr. Martin Luther King Jr delivered over 60 years ago, including that there is value in our differences, are just as pertinent now as they were then – and that there is necessary work for us to do as a society, as individuals and as a company to bring his dream to life. The panel also answered questions submitted from colleagues, and highlighted the need for us keep having open conversations so that progress can continue to be made.

Wafford and Cranfield also shared a written perspective on the man, the dream, and the work we all must do moving forward. 

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