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A champion of the golden rule

See the impact of 30-year Walgreens team member Tim Williams’ commitment to treating customers like they want to be treated.
Sarah Cason, Walgreens Stories
The golden rule will take you a long way in life, and it can even make you a Champion.

Tim Williams, a Walgreens store team member for 30 years and counting, is a recent Champion of Champions award recipient for the simple reason that he treats customers the way he’d want to be treated. Champion of Champions is an annual awards program that recognizes Walgreens team members who have gone above and beyond to help customers live more joyful lives through better health.

Treating people how they’d like to be treated is a mantra that Williams has carried through life, and one that stood out to his store manager, KC Campbell.

“I nominated Tim for Champion of Champions because he knows how to take care of our customers. His mentality about customer service is about developing a relationship that brings people back,” says Campbell. “He’s a ray of sunshine that other customers and team members feed off of.”

Every day, Williams thinks proactively about customers’ needs and wants. Whether it’s organizing the stock room for more efficiency or reminding Campbell to order more ice and soda ahead of Fourth of July weekend, his mindset is steeped in customer service.

In one anecdote, Campbell shares a moment over last year’s holiday season that blew him away.

“I was doing payroll after Christmas and saw that Tim had come in on Christmas morning. He wasn’t scheduled, but he covered a shift for an employee who called in sick. He didn’t alert me, he just did it. That’s how Tim is. He’s reliable, he finishes what he starts and he sets a great example for the other team members.”

Hear more about why Williams is a Champion for his team and community from the people who know him best.

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