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Inside a COVID-19 vaccine clinic

Take a look inside a Walgreens large-scale COVID-19 vaccine clinic, and see everything that needs to happen so we can ensure each dose gets safely – and efficiently – from cold-storage to community members in need.
Tom Wall, Walgreens Stories
Team members in Glendale are working around the clock to vaccinate tens of thousands of Arizonans.

As we’ve learned over the two months since the first COVID-19 vaccine was approved for use in the U.S., tackling a tough opponent like the coronavirus takes teamwork.
But it takes much more than that. Teams at our vaccination clinics must follow a detailed process in order to ensure that vaccines arrive intact, are thawed and reconstituted properly, and are administered safely and efficiently to as many patients as possible.
“I am amazed and inspired to see how quickly our teams pulled together,” says Jalpa Patel-Kar, one of the key team members leading our 24/7 vaccination clinic at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix, Ariz. “The many outstanding team members who helped bring this to life show that we’re all willing to do whatever it takes for the health and safety of our community.”
But what, exactly, happens behind the scenes at these large-scale clinics? How does a football stadium and parking lot become a massive, 24-hour vaccination site?
Watch as Patel-Kar takes us along for a behind-the-scenes look at how the team has vaccinated more than 75,000 people in Arizona … and counting:

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