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New year, new you: Stay healthier physically and financially with Walgreens brand vitamins

Walgreens-brand vitamins are national brand equivalent at a fraction of the cost, to help keep you fitter and your wallet fatter.
Steve Rausch, Walgreens Stories
Today, budgets are tighter and dollars have to extend further, but you shouldn’t have to choose between saving money and better health. When you buy Walgreens brand vitamins, you don’t.

Consumers are increasingly demanding value from what they buy, in terms of price and flexible quantities that stretch to meet a budget. Walgreens brand vitamins provide both, through products you can trust and at a cost that averages up to 25% less than national brands.

With resolutions in place for a healthier and better you this year, Walgreens can help you get there with a wide variety of its vitamins across the health spectrum, which now includes new options in growing categories like sleep and beauty as part of the addition of 30 new vitamins to its owned brand lineup.

More flexibility, better value

Flexibility comes in different sizes and prices to ease the impact of inflation on household budgets.

“We’ve heard from customers that they want our vitamins at a variety of price points to give them better flexibility, and we’ve responded to that,” says Doug Oliphant, Walgreens senior owned brands commercialization manager for vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Walgreens has added “opening” price points for some owned brand vitamins that include fewer pills at a lower price. If a current vitamin offering has 180 pills, for example, in some cases a 50- or 60-pill option at a lower cost has been added to make it more accessible. Vitamins that are now available in lower pill counts include Walgreens Dye-Free Melatonin 10 mg tablets in 60 count and Walgreens Daily Energy Boost Gummies in 60 count.

On the other side, more “value” sizes have been added, with up to 300 or 400 pills in order to lower the overall price per pill and make shopping more convenient for customers who want to lengthen their purchase cycle. Vitamins with new larger sizes include Walgreens Vitamin D softgels in 400 count, Walgreens 400-mcg Folic Acid in 200 count and Walgreens Iron Free Adult Multivitamin in 200 count.

And Walgreens offers that price flexibility with products that are national brand equivalents and include the UL Verified symbol of approval on every box, which represents certification that the ingredients that go into the products are the exact same ingredients listed on the box. It’s an extra step that invites more stringent oversight than is required, but the UL Verified label represents the highest level of quality and trust.

If better prices and lower costs per pill weren’t enough budget-friendly news, customers can also save an additional 5% on Walgreens branded products if they’re enrolled in the myWalgreens loyalty program. Added together, Walgreens branded vitamins bring unmatched value.

Stress less, sleep better, look great

The COVID-19 pandemic fallout continues to be felt through stress and anxiety issues that negatively impact sleep. That is driving a steep interest in natural sleep aids and immunity boosters, and Walgreens is responding to that demand by adding nine new products for sleep and stress relief.

“Sleep supplements have seen an increase of more than 20% at Walgreens in the last year,” says Oliphant. “People are focusing on improving their inner selves, so we’re introducing several sleep products to provide solutions they’re looking for.”

Walgreens has introduced melatonin in 5 mg and 10 mg doses that can be found in Walgreens Dye-Free Melatonin to help provide more restful nights for a healthier you.

Beauty—specifically focused around skin, hair and nails—is another area in the vitamins category experiencing growing demand post-pandemic. Walgreens Advanced Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies and Walgreens Hair, Skin & Nails With Collagen Gummies were created to meet that demand and are both available in 80-count packages.
Your vitamin purchase makes a difference. One percent of sales from select vitamin purchases at Walgreens goes to Vitamin Angels, supporting healthy pregnancies.

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