Global Impact

Recognizing the exceptional value in all our differences

In celebration of World Day for Cultural Diversity, WBA team members are working together to build a truly rich, diverse and inclusive culture.

By Rachel Heath
Illustration of three people to reflect diversity
illustration of three people

On Friday, May 21, WBA joined with the United Nations and many other countries, organizations and companies around the world in recognizing World Day for Cultural Diversity. This day is a United Nations sanctioned international holiday for the promotion of diversity issues to help communities understand the value of cultural diversity.

Leading up to the observance, WBA team members were invited to join a series of events throughout the week to support them on their journey of continuously learning about the value of cultural diversity and the benefits it brings to our customers, our business and each other.

“I am extremely proud of the work all of our team members are doing across the globe to really embrace and celebrate the rich cultures that exist within our company,” says Carlos Cubia, SVP & global chief diversity officer, WBA. “And I also love how our team members are working collaboratively to really drive a culture where DE&I is at the center of everything we do.”

The celebrations culminated in a leadership panel where team members heard first-hand how culture has shaped WBA leaders’ personal and professional journeys, and reflected on topics including cultural prejudice and cultural diversity. 

“We’re going to make change happen,” said Roz Brewer, chief executive officer, WBA, during the panel. “We’re going to recognize and respect diversity and help people across the world leadhealthier and happier lives.”

To drive awareness and promote conversation, team members also were invited to share their cultural stories, giving insights into something unique and special about their culture that shaped who they are today. Watch and join us in celebrating our cultural differences through the video below.