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The rise of sensory beauty

Aromatherapy Associates’ new home collection helps customers achieve heightened levels of calm and relaxation through sight, smell and touch.

Aromatherapy Associates products
Aromatherapy Associates products

The pursuit of wellness has become part of our daily lives like never before.

For so many, the pandemic has been a turbulent time of isolation and mental strain. So it’s unsurprising to learn that the home has become an important wellness retreat. No7 Beauty Company’s recent Beautifully Informed report explains that for many women, carving out “me time” and creating self-care rituals have helped counter some of the challenges of living through lockdown.

Today, brands such as Aromatherapy Associates are making it easier to recreate the therapeutic spa experience at home. For customers searching for holistic ways to manage their well-being, the skyrocketing sensory beauty trend may be the key to unlocking heightened levels of calm and relaxation.

According to new research by the Global Wellness Institute, our senses have a direct connection to our mind and body, which can positively impact our mental health. As a potential gateway to a person’s well-being, sensory beauty is centered on products that appeal to our senses. Scents travel directly to the subconscious part of the brain, causing a cascade of physical and hormonal reactions. By harnessing the power of aromatherapy and essential oils, consumers can create a therapeutic experience that helps to boost their mood and reconnect their mind, body and spirit.

As leaders in luxury wellness, and a member of No7 Beauty Company’s portfolio, Aromatherapy Associates continues to celebrate the benefits of essential oils and embrace the sensory beauty trend, most recently with the launch of its Pure Wellbeing Home Collection.

“Our new home collection marries our expertise in pure, natural well-being with our understanding of how consumers are looking for new ways to incorporate well-being into their lives,” explains Anna Teal, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates. “With its potent essential oils, our home collection allows you to layer and combine our powerful blends to create a truly 360, multi-sensory experience, creating those vital moments of reset we all crave.”

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