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WBA CEO Roz Brewer debuts class on business innovation with MasterClass

In this new online course, Brewer shares techniques to make efficient, powerful decisions that could change a person’s day or, longer term, an entire company’s business strategy.

By Elyse Russo
WBA CEO Roz Brewer

Walgreens Boots Alliance’s very own CEO Roz Brewer is teaching a class on business innovation and leading with integrity that will debut on the MasterClass streaming platform Thursday, Dec. 22.

“With an extensive career leading notable companies like Starbucks, Sam’s Club and Walgreens, Roz has developed a remarkable ability to see the big picture and navigate the future,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass.

In her class, Brewer explains how to successfully build an innovation strategy, relaying how she made decisions to transform Walgreens from a retail pharmacy into a healthcare company, as well as the effect those changes had on the company’s team members and communities. Some other class highlights include:

  • How Brewer creates an an environment of innovation at WBA
  • The story of the the Starbucks app launch and why technology is critical in rapidly growing business
  • How she built a culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion at every company she’s led

Plus, Brewer shares her approach to mentorship as she speaks with three students from her alma mater, Spelman College.

“With this class, I want to help MasterClass members navigate pivotal moments in their careers with humility and honesty,” Brewer says. “I’ll share all of the techniques to make efficient, powerful decisions that could change one person’s day or, longer term, the entire company’s business strategy.”

Watch the trailer for Brewer’s class below, and visit MasterClass to become a member to view Brewer’s class in full: 


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