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Same-day prescription delivery brings lifesaving medications, peace of mind

While COVID-19 was sweeping the U.S., Danielle Moss found out her daughter had leukemia. Discover how her family dealt with a childhood cancer diagnosis, and how same-day prescription delivery keeps her at-risk daughter safer.
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In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 had the world in its clutches. Cases were rapidly approaching the two million mark in the U.S., economies were ground to a halt and the world, for the most part, was sheltering in place.

Danielle Moss was quarantining in her suburban-Chicago home with her daughter and husband, counting down the weeks until the birth of her second child. Although confused and frightened like the rest of us, she was healthy and relatively safe.

And then she got the most devastating news a parent can receive.

It’s one thing to navigate a global pandemic while pregnant, but another thing entirely to learn your daughter has leukemia and is at high risk of contracting a virus about which, at the time, scientists knew little about. Just shuttling her daughter to the oncologist had become a threat to her livelihood. Reaching out for in-person support from family and friends was out of the question.

Then, Walgreens debuted several new pick-up and delivery services, giving Moss and her family a small, but welcome source of comfort. Most recently, this includes same-day prescription delivery. Having lifesaving medicines delivered to their doorstep the same day allows them to care for their daughter at home, without sacrificing access to the expertise their Walgreens pharmacist provides.

Hear from Moss about her family’s journey, and learn more about how same-day prescription delivery allows customers to get the medications they need when, where and how it is most convenient for them.


Walgreens patients refilling eligible prescriptions can enroll in same-day prescription delivery by texting “Join Rx” to 21525. After refilling an eligible prescription, patients may select same-day prescription delivery through the Walgreens website or app. Delivery fees vary by location. For more information on same day prescription delivery, visit

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