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These plants are perennial

September marks 25 years of plant-based skincare with WBA’s global brand Botanics. Learn how the brand harnessed the power of plants through a look at its biggest milestones over time.  

By Brittany Kruk
A range of different Botanics products
A range of different Botanics products

Plant-based eating has become a mainstream movement (we’re looking at you, Impossible Burger), but there also has been a growing demand in plant-based beauty as consumers become more mindful of what goes into – and onto – their bodies. These ethically conscious consumers have spurred many brands to think outside the box, but for Botanics, it’s familiar territory.

If the name didn’t give it away, the legacy will. As a WBA global brand, Botanics has been harnessing the power of plants to enhance skin, well-being and the world around us for 25 years. The vision? Create natural, plant-based products that don’t cost the Earth, but help protect it instead.

Botanics products are formulated from natural, ethically sourced ingredients around the world, taking steps to reduce our impact on the environment at every stage. The brand is also cruelty-free certified and does not believe in animal testing, so all products are tested on humans and are suitable for vegetarians. All but five products, which contain organic beeswax, are also suitable for vegans.

Since its September 1995 launch in the UK, Botanics has been an expert in the naturals market. Celebrate the brand’s plant-powered history and commitment to a more sustainable future with a look at some of its greatest achievements.

You can find Botanics at select retailers in the U.S., UK, Thailand and more, including:

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