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Two peas in a pod

At Walgreens distribution center in Windsor, Conn., two team members share their love story.

By Tom Wall
For Steven and Julie Riley, it was love at first sight. Their story begins at Walgreens distribution center in Windsor, Connecticut, where they fell deeply in love shortly after their first work meeting. They’ve been happily married since 2014.

The Rileys both participated in Transitional Work Group, one of two key programs Walgreens created to help thousands of people with disabilities secure work opportunities at stores, distribution centers and throughout the organization.

“She’s helped me kind of come out of my shell a little bit,” says Steven, as he thinks back on his relationship with his wife, Julie. “I just did not expect even half of this to happen.”


Since this video was originally released in 2018 as part of a Walgreens social media campaign, Steven and Julie have been the talk of the town in Windsor.

“Everyone loved it,” says Julie. “They all said we looked cute together, and my family and Steven became closer since we appeared in the video.”

The couple recently celebrated the anniversary of their first date on Jan. 24, which was, as Julie recalls, “a day I’ll never forget.” As for their Valentine’s Day plans this year, Julie says she will definitely get Steven his favorite treat: chocolate filled with caramel – and it absolutely has to be heart-shaped.

Steven and Julie are both very excited for what the future will bring as they embark on their sixth year of marriage. When asked what it’s like to spend every day at work, side-by-side with the love of your life, Julie sums it up perfectly.

“It’s lovely,” she says. “I get to annoy him all day.”

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