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An updated COVID booster may save you a trip to the emergency room

Walgreens Vice President of Pharmacy Services Development Dr. Anita Patel explains why older Americans would benefit from receiving an updated COVID-19 booster shot.
Anita Patel, Walgreens Stories
Are you one of over 30 million seniors who has not yet received your updated COVID-19 booster? Are you thinking about getting it but not sure if you need it or who to go to for guidance? 
You’re not alone. 
Understanding how to stay protected from viruses can be overwhelming, especially if you’re at a higher risk of getting sick due to age, other health conditions or are a caregiver for a loved one. 
As a leader in retail pharmacy and one of the leading senior advisors at the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention during the start of the pandemic, I know how important vaccines are to keep you and your community safe and healthy. The updated COVID-19 booster not only better protects against the known variants of the virus, but if you do get infected, your symptoms will likely be milder, and you are less likely to take a trip to the emergency room. 
Our pharmacists at Walgreens have been trusted local partners to communities throughout the years and especially during the pandemic. They are here to make getting vaccinated simple with appointments that fit your schedule and can answer any questions around vaccine options and timing for your whole family—this includes COVID-19, flu and other important routine vaccinations, such as shingles and pneumonia.  
Vaccinations are available for anyone ages 3 and up at Walgreens. Visit, use the Walgreens app or call 1-800-WALGREENS.  
Listen to Patel’s message about COVID boosters below: 

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