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'The Vaccine, In Our Words': Maine's Sharon Daley

A nurse battles time and tide to bring the COVID-19 vaccine to rural communities living on the remote islands along Maine’s coast.
Walgreens Stories
This year, Walgreens sponsored the creation of a seven-part series of brand films, called “The Vaccine, In Our Words.” Each short film tells the authentic story of a person or community struggling with COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and brings that story straight to you, unfiltered. The films, which premiered on YouTube, were made by Slipstream, in collaboration with Walgreens’ marketing team.
In episode two, filmmakers John Fox and David McLain took their crew to the literal edge of the country to connect with Sharon Daley, a nurse who is braving rough seas and gale force winds to get the COVID-19 vaccine to residents on dozens of tiny islands off the coast of Maine. The film follows along as Daley and the Maine Seacoast Mission do everything they can in order to safeguard these remote communities against the virus.
And as much as the trek was business as usual for Daley and her team, island hopping on choppy waters and through stormy weather was a heart-pumping adventure for the film crew. But for the crew, it was well worth a little wind and rain to help tell this story.
"Having called Maine home for the past 25 years, I have deep respect for the people who live on these islands,” says filmmaker David McLain. “They are no-nonsense and fiercely independent while also deeply caring and communal. Sharon Daley embodies this spirit, and I'll put up with a little weather any day to witness someone like her doing what she does best."
See Daley’s story in episode two:
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