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Contraceptive pills without a prescription
2 mins read
Our Stories
Following a major milestone in women’s healthcare, Boots UK can now offer two progestogen-only contraceptive pills available over the counter in its pharmacies across the UK.
Boots Health Hub adds Online Doctor
2 mins read
Our Stories
The Boots Health Hub is empowering people to find care when and how they need it, helping to make healthcare simpler, more accessible and more convenient.
'I hope this message finds you well'
1 min read
Our Stories
LGBT+ team members read letters written to their past and future selves, sharing everything they’ve experienced over the years, and celebrating Pride.
Black, gay and proud
9 mins read
Our Stories
Walgreens team member Chris Waiters talks about intersectionality, a lifelong pursuit of authenticity and how he found his community – and himself – along the way. By Brittany Kruk
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