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A letter from Stefano Pessina
2 mins read
Our Stories
As Walgreens administers the first COVID-19 vaccines to long-term care residents in the United States, our CEO addresses colleagues across the company.
Monkey business
1 min read
Our Stories
Find out how Alliance Healthcare UK delivered for one very special patient during the pandemic. By Euan Hammond
How COVID-19 changed pharmacy
13 mins read
Our Stories
Confronting a global pandemic takes a global perspective. WBA pharmacy leaders take stock of what we’ve learned. By Suzanne Barston, Rachel Heath & Hannah Robinson
The virus that came before
9 mins read
Our Stories
Against the backdrop of a pandemic, Walgreens and Greater Than AIDS team up for the 10th year to continue the ongoing fight against a different virus By Suzanne Barston
Cancellations are invitations
6 mins read
Our Stories
The COVID-19 pandemic put a WBA event manager’s world on pause – until a special project awakened his desire to chip in anywhere he could. By Kelly Bridges and Josh Gaby
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