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Monkey business

Find out how Alliance Healthcare UK delivered for one very special patient during the pandemic.  

By Euan Hammond
Golden headed lion tamarin Bandit

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up all sorts of unexpected challenges and opportunities for WBA, none more unusual than when the London Zoo called for help to look after one poorly primate. 

Monkeys aren’t your everyday patient in need, but Bandit the golden-headed lion tamarin usually gets her diabetes medicine from the local Boots Pharmacy. Bandit’s species is critically endangered, so the 15-year-old amputee is a vital part of the zoo’s conservation program. 

Like many zoos, the lockdown has put financial strain on the Zoological Society of London. Under fears that they couldn’t afford Bandit’s medicine, they reached out to the Alliance Healthcare UK customer care team for help.

After some swift logistics and a few phone calls, customer care manager Tara Crnkovic was able to confirm that Alliance Healthcare UK would happily cover the cost of Bandit’s medicine.

“This is a great example of industries coming together during these unprecedented times to help in unusual ways,” says Crnkovic. “With Alliance Healthcare’s help, Bandit can continue to inspire visitors of all ages, hopefully for many years to come.”

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