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three pharmacists talking to each other
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Closed captions, open communication
8 mins read
Our Stories
For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, staying connected in a digital world can bring unexpected challenges. Here’s how we’re working to ensure equity and inclusion, whether in person or online.
Don’t take it for granted
5 mins read
Our Stories
An errand with her grandparents inspired Danielle Rael to pursue her dreams, and Walgreens is supporting her on her way to achieving them.
In their shoes
6 mins read
Our Stories
Walgreens store managers reflect on their own experiences before and after receiving unconscious bias training.
Color for every color
5 mins read
Our Stories
What began as a beauty line for all skin tones continues to celebrate diversity 35 years later. Learn more about Sleek MakeUP, and meet some fans of the brand who are paving their own paths in the...
Breaking into the industry
5 mins read
Our Stories
Hard work, curiosity and an unlucky break at a lucky time led Semiu Durowoju to his dream career path: pharmacy.
Coming out
1 min read
Our Stories
LGBT+ members of the WBA family, and allies, share what coming out means to them, and why it’s so important to feel you can be your authentic self at work.
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