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The rise of sensory beauty
2 mins read
Our Stories
Aromatherapy Associates’ new home collection helps customers achieve heightened levels of calm and relaxation through sight, smell and touch.
Stepping up our sustainability game
6 mins read
Our Stories
Phil Cumming, global head of sustainability for No7 Beauty Company, talks Olympic and Paralympic Games, sustainable gifting and preserving the planet. By Olivia Whittall
Gifting sustainably
4 mins read
Our Stories
For the 2020 holiday season, Global Brands delivered a gifting range inspired by WBA's ambitious sustainability goals By Rachel Heath
Gifts that give back
2 mins read
Our Stories
Global Brands partners with BBC Earth to launch exclusive certified CarbonNeutral® gift collection at Boots UK. By Rachel Heath
These plants are perennial
2 mins read
Our Stories
September marks 25 years of plant-based skincare with WBA’s global brand Botanics. Learn how the brand harnessed the power of plants through a look at its biggest milestones over time. By Brittany...
Skin is in
3 mins read
Our Stories
Drawing on 85 years of scientific expertise and innovation, Global Brands has begun trialing personalized No7 skincare services. By Rachel Benton
Sun’s out, fun’s out
8 mins read
Our Stories
Child psychologist Emma Kenny reveals how Boots’ new Soltan activity book and a little imagination are helping kids everywhere get creative outdoors. By Brittany Kruk
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