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A deep dive into WBA data
3 mins read
Our Stories
WBA’s global chief information officer Francesco Tinto and global chief technology officer Mike Maresca discuss how the company is using data to put customers at the center of the business. By Elyse...
There is ‘Only One Earth’
6 mins read
Our Stories
From office beehives to digital receipts, learn about WBA’s responsibility to protect the health of people and our planet. By Celandine Wade and Alice Marie Soulie
Healthcare at your fingertips
2 mins read
Our Stories
Innovative pilot at Farmacias Ahumada in Chile expands patients’ access to digital healthcare services, even in a world of physical distancing. By Rachel Heath
Digital health assurance
4 mins read
Our Stories
Alliance Healthcare’s digital portals are helping connect patients with the medications and healthcare advice they need, while keeping them feeling safe and protected. By Caitlin Hodgson-Watts
Closed captions, open communication
8 mins read
Our Stories
For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, staying connected in a digital world can bring unexpected challenges. Here’s how we’re working to ensure equity and inclusion, whether in person or online...
As the world slowed down, business sped up
7 mins read
Our Stories
When COVID-19 hit, WBA pulled together to move quicker than ever to digitalize its business – not only out of convenience, but also out of necessity. By Brittany Kruk
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