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Alliance Healthcare Romania helps keep families together

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The pandemic has increased the number of children living in extreme poverty around the world, and many families in Romania have been adversely affected.

Since 2017, Alliance Healthcare Romania has supported the Hope and Homes for Children Romania Foundation. The Foundation works intensively to prevent the separation of vulnerable children from poverty-stricken families, with the goal of eliminating the institutionalization of children in Romania by 2027. 

With the financial support of Alliance Healthcare Romania, the Foundation has helped over 60 vulnerable children from 20 families in different regions of the country to stay with their families rather than be removed and sent to a care home. 

This year, to help address the additional need caused by the pandemic, Alliance Healthcare Romania pledged to support the Foundation in keeping 1,600 families together. This includes providing children in vulnerable families with personal hygiene and sanitation products, clothing and footwear, as well as counseling for families on parental responsibility.

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