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Global Brands partners with BBC Earth to launch exclusive certified CarbonNeutral® gift collection at Boots UK.

By Rachel Heath  

BBC Heart soap

Launching in time for the upcoming holiday season, Global Brands has partnered with BBC Earth to bring an exclusive range of more sustainable bathroom products to our Boots UK stores – a meaningful step toward WBA’s sustainability goals that include a commitment to reduce single-use plastics.

The new BBC Earth gift range has been created with the sole focus of reducing bathroom waste, including popular bathroom products in packaging that’s carefully crafted to be fully recyclable. The range features zero single-use plastics, and each product has achieved a CarbonNeutral® certification. By offering alternatives such as shampoo in bar form, these sustainable and giftable products will contribute to a healthier planet by potentially saving the equivalent of more than 990,000 plastic bottles.*

“The introduction of BBC Earth’s new range through Global Brands enables us to further advance our commitment to a healthier planet by actively reducing plastic usage, reducing our carbon consumption and sourcing more sustainably,” says Eleanor Barker, global marketing director of Boots Gifting. “Boots is the first major retailer in the UK to offer a gifting range that boasts certified CarbonNeutral® products, which we know is something many of our customers care deeply about.”

Single-use plastics, water use and product waste mean our bathrooms can have a huge impact on the sustainability of our homes. Working with BBC Earth, Global Brands has been able to rethink traditional packaging and processes at each stage of the product life-cycle, offering more sustainable alternatives. The new BBC Earth collection also contains the perfect planet-friendly gift for everyone, from vegan body wash and recycled wash bags to 100 percent organic cotton facial cloths and even soap bars for kids.

“BBC Earth is known for its groundbreaking nature content that invites a deeper connection with our natural world,” says Jill Kellie, commercial director for brands at BBC Studios. “This innovative collaboration with Boots highlights the importance of sustainability in our everyday lives and how the choices we make can make for a healthier planet.”

Check out the infographic below that illustrates how the new BBC Earth range at Boots helps contribute to a healthier planet.

*Based on recycling research carried out by the Waste & Resources Action Programme charity during 2019

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